How to Get 5 Star Umrah and Hajj Packages?

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Brothers, and Sisters, It’s my first time of my life to going for Holy Worship in Makkah and Madinah. I have no idea how to find the agent and how to book 4 or 5 start hotel packages. Really, I have no idea such these things but, it’s my childhood dream to perform Umrah… Continue reading How to Get 5 Star Umrah and Hajj Packages?


JABAL-E-NOOR is an Arabic word, where the word “JABAL” which “MOUNTAIN” and “NOOR” which means “LIGHT”. The other names of this mountain are “KOH-E-NOOR”, and “MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT”. This mountain is near Mecca in Saudi Arabia’s Hejaz region. This mountain is the center of attraction for all Muslims throughout the world. Because of its beauty… Continue reading JABAL-E-NOOR (CAVE OF HIRA)

Be with Allah And Allah Will Shield You

As you know that humans are the social animal and if they are being communally profited then they help each other such as alliances between nations are mainly on the base of approximately public worth. If persons will give the respect and share their needs then relationships between them will be sustained. No one normally… Continue reading Be with Allah And Allah Will Shield You

Top Quick Tips About Rights of Neighbors in Islam

As we all know that, each culture runs over a structure of relationship of persons on each other. There are some standards and principles, which syndicate people into the incessant procedure of carrying out their responsibilities and accomplishing their privileges in chance. Over the harmony and care between on another, Islam places excessive status on… Continue reading Top Quick Tips About Rights of Neighbors in Islam

Brief History of Saudi Arabia in Islam

Saudi Arabia inhabits greatest of the Arabian Peninsula. The area of Saudi Arabia is about 1960582 square KM and the most area is a desert. The population is about 22000000 and there are approximately 5 million foreigners. But 90 % Arab are Muslims with other minorities. Saudi Arabia is the origin of Islam the location… Continue reading Brief History of Saudi Arabia in Islam

Importance of Umrah in Ramadan

Yes…… it is Blessing of Allah to performing the Umrah in in the month of Ramadan. The holy month full of blessing where a Muslims get spiritual and mental relief and Allah gives you a great reward than other days. The significant of Umrah which performing in Ramzan can be judge by the following hadith,… Continue reading Importance of Umrah in Ramadan

God Help Those Who Help Themselves

There is a famous saying that “God help those who help themselves”. This is fairly true because if a person is not doing anything on his own, then nobody will ever come forward to provide him any kind of assistance. In fact, no one else, but only you can help yourself in the most appropriate… Continue reading God Help Those Who Help Themselves