God Help Those Who Help Themselves

There is a famous saying that “God help those who help themselves”. This is fairly true because if a person is not doing anything on his own, then nobody will ever come forward to provide him any kind of assistance. In fact, no one else, but only you can help yourself in the most appropriate… Continue reading God Help Those Who Help Themselves

Acts of Friday in Sunnah

  Out of all the days of a week, Friday hold a lot of Significance in the life of Muslims. Due to the highly significant Friday prayers, Friday is like the heart of all other days and Muslims make sure that they must offer the Friday prayer at any cost even if they miss all… Continue reading Acts of Friday in Sunnah

The Biggest Procession of The World

Millions of Muslims started the Hajj journey in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj days, which speaks to one of the biggest yearly human assemblies on the planet. The Hajj is one of the five mainstays of Islam, an excursion each Muslim has faith in to take in his or her lifetime if the individual is… Continue reading The Biggest Procession of The World