Brief History of Saudi Arabia in Islam

Saudi Arabia inhabits greatest of the Arabian Peninsula. The area of Saudi Arabia is about 1960582 square KM and the most area is a desert. The population is about 22000000 and there are approximately 5 million foreigners. But 90 % Arab are Muslims with other minorities.

Saudi Arabia is the origin of Islam the location of two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah and the world most huge gathering is here in the month of Zill Hajj during the Hajj. According to Islamic tradition, no Non-Muslims may live in its limit and they can’t get the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. If you are going to umrah in holy month with cheap Ramadan umrah packages uk services please visit all holy places.

Early History

The first existing indication of human occurrence in the Arabian Land ages back 15000 – 20000 years. At that time, there was a green land, living off wild animals and plants. But During the last Ice Age, European ice melted some 15000 years ago and climate of Arab became dry. Greenland was converted into scrubland and deserts and wild animals and rivers system also vanished.

Then humans forcefully moved into lush and green mountain valleys and the first agriculture was developed in Mesopotamia, then Nile River valley and scattering across the Middle East. The people of Arab land made a complex system of trade ways to transport agricultural. They use the Arabian Sea to travel India or subcontinent.

Origin of Islam in Arab

Around the 610 years ago, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) received a message from Allah through the angel Jibril (AS) in Makkah. After that Prophet (PBUH) faced many problems through Quresh and Jewish. Then 1st migration of Islam has occurred which is called “Hijrat e Madinah”. This migration scripts the opening of the Islam.

The Islamic Kingdom in Arab

After the birth of Islam, Islamic empire rule in the world less than 100 years and this kingdom extended to Spain, India, and China. That time, Muslim empire was the center of the world and Islam was considered to be a center of learning and scientific advances, known as a “Golden Age of Islam”. Muslims scientists have a major contribution in many fields like medicine, biology, astronomy and much more. Muslims rules in the world till the 17th century.

The First Saudi State

Muslim researcher and reformer named Sheik Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab started supporting a coming back to the original form of Islam. The Saudi State lined over the whole central plateau known as a Najd. His rules are extended to Arabian Land with Makkah and Madinah by the early 19th century. His way of ruling was popular in the Middle East and North Africa at that time.

There are many kings come in Saudi Arabia and after the death of a king, his son becomes a new king of state.


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