God Help Those Who Help Themselves

God Help Those Who Help Themselves

There is a famous saying that “God help those who help themselves”. This is fairly true because if a person is not doing anything on his own, then nobody will ever come forward to provide him any kind of assistance. In fact, no one else, but only you can help yourself in the most appropriate way ever. Each relation in this world is based on terms and conditions. When others help you, they expect help in return. But when a man help himself, he will do that unconditionally and with his full efficiency. One should not depend on others for anything and should try to be capable enough to increase his abilities and strength so that he can cope up in the bad situations of life.

There is an incident in the life of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Once he (PBUH) saw a man whose camel was not tied. He asked the man why he don’t tie his camel. The man replied that he has trust in Allah. Then Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) told that man to tie your camel first and then put your trust in Allah. This shows how important it is to have a strong faith but even more important to work hard on your own. While doing Hajj by manage packages for hajj 2017 always pray to Allah that he gives you enough strength and courage that you wouldn’t have to depend to anyone. Dependency is the worst thing in life.

Since prevention is better than cure, so you must be fully prepared for everything before anything bad happens. Try to polish your signature strength and capabilities in such a way that you are strong enough to deal with all the hurdles in your life. Any problem that comes in your way is a test of Allah Almighty to see your perseverance. When you make Dua in Umrah while having manage packages for umrah 2017 then that Dua gets heard but you must not only rely on your Dua. One must do things on the basis of his own capabilities and through constant struggle and hard work, it is easy to achieve the goal of your life. Try to know what your signature strengths are and then work hard to polish those strengths so that you wouldn’t have to rely on anyone for anything, ever in your life.


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