Acts of Friday in Sunnah


Acts of Friday in Sunnah

Out of all the days of a week, Friday hold a lot of Significance in the life of Muslims. Due to the highly significant Friday prayers, Friday is like the heart of all other days and Muslims make sure that they must offer the Friday prayer at any cost even if they miss all other prayers. Each act done on the day of Friday should be done in accordance with the Sunnah so that the Muslim can gain double blessings of Allah Almighty. First of all the day starts when Muslims takes a bath to clean themselves. Although, keeping yourself clean is obligatory in Islam in all the days, but when you take bath on Friday, it doubles the amount of blessings and rewards you gain from Allah due to which it is considered as a favorite act of Sunnah and Muslims make sure that they do take a bath of Friday.

Some people say that wearing new clothes on Friday is also Sunnah but if you don’t have a new one, you can always wear a neat and clean dress. Islam has never told Muslims to spend their money on the things which you don’t need and which can cause wastage of money. Therefore, you don’t have to buy new clothes especially for Friday, but can wear old one as well if they are properly washed. It has been advised to the Muslims that they should walk to the mosque for prayers, as soon as they can, without delaying. One thing to be noted is that, if you have been traveling to perform the holy obligation of Umrah, by availing the best packages like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Non Shifting Hajj Package with tickets, then it will surely become memorable if you try to take your flights for those days which will make you perform the Umrah on Friday. The obligation of Hajj has a specific day on which it should be performed, but since Umrah can be performed any day then Friday would definitely be the best day among all others for this sacred obligation.

After reaching the mosque for Friday prayers, try to sit in the first row near Imam but if all the rows are filled then sit wherever you find a place. Don’t try to jump over the shoulders of those who have been sitting in the rows before you as it is highly inappropriate. One should listen to the Khutba of Friday prayer very carefully. Also, Muslims should recite Durood Shareef on the day of Friday as much as they can, because the benefits and blessings of reciting Durood Shareef multiplies as compared to other days.

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