Heaven Is for you if you make struggle for yourself

ramadan umrah 2017 uk

Success always followed by the thirst of your dreams. Thirst of your struggles, and your passion and enthusiasm of your inside intuition. The successful person is one who sticks to His goal for a long time. You will find no one in this world who wants to lose the because everybody wants to win the game and carry the day. But as we know that the winner is only one. And there is only one person who gets all. But if we talk about the Heaven then the case Is different because it is arranged by Allah (SWT) due to His Blessings that, In Heavens there will be multiple winners. There will be thousands of thousands people that will be the part of heaven.

According to the verses of Quran it is clearly mentioned that there lies the heaven in which you will find every facility more beautiful way but there is also lies the concept of Hell as well. In which many people will be part of punishment and there will be lots of curse for them as the result of their actions in this world. but if we talk about the successful people then we will see that there will be more and more people who will be among the successors.

Our little deeds of happiness can create a large amount of happiness and reward for us on the judgement day. If we help someone rather we are good or bad person, but we are willing to help someone through the deep heart. Then Allah (SWT) know our intention and all about our heart. But if your purpose was not to help someone or you just want to get fame in the society then it will give you nothing.

Therefore, we should make ourselves active only for the sake of Allah (SWT). So that we will make ourselves among the blessed ones. and to make ease for you we are providing the best Umrah Packages and ramadan umrah contact number uk for Muslims Community from Manchester, England. Make your eternal dreams comes true and get the spiritual as well as mental satisfaction for yourself. It is the main thing that you will get reward after when you make struggle. As when you make struggle and win something there is lots of happiness and satisfaction after achieving that because if you gain something after a long struggle then you might have importance for that thing in your mind for long stage. That’s why if you have thirst for something then after achieving that you will find more satisfaction other than anything in your life.


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